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Southeast Sports & Rehabilitation Team

Chiropractic Care Impacts Human Performance

As  a former athlete, Dr. Jack realizes the dramatic impact that chiropractic care can have on human performance–especially for athletes and active individuals. As it’s foundation, our practice focuses on the alignment and function of the spine. However, we also realize that ALL of the bones and muscles of the body are important too! Our doctors take the whole body into consideration, not just where you feel a problem.

We “Practice What We Preach!”

Our team continues to lead by example–by staying active in recreational athletic competitions, exercising regularly and by incorporating healthy diet and lifestyle choices into their daily lives. It’s our philosophy that we must teach by doing and we strive to always “practice what we preach.” We know that no one is perfect, but we will support you in establishing and meeting your goals.

Each of our highly-skilled clinicians has “walked the talk,” playing various sports from the recreational to the professional levels.  Who better to take advice from than someone that has first-hand experience with the unique needs of today’s athletes and athletic individuals.  Whether you are at your peak performance or have just started on a journey to get back to where you once were, we can help you!

Enough about us! How can we help you maximize your talents and abilities to perform your best? You don’t have to be an athlete, you only need the will to win!

For the Big Game, or the Game of Life…..

We’d love to meet you and answer your questions. Give our office a call or send us an email today.


Meet Our Team

Dr. Tyler Jack

Dr. Tyler Jack

Dr. Tyler Jack :: Chiropractor

If I had to pick one thing that I’m known for it would be movement. I enjoy looking at the body as a whole and then breaking it down into its individual parts. I have seen low back problems that are the result of ankle problems from 10 years ago, and knee problems that have arisen from weakness in the hips. If we only look at the body in its individual parts we miss out on the whole picture. My job is to make sure that I address every issue that is going to affect your every day health and to get you back to doing the things you love.
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Taylor Beam

Taylor Beam

Taylor Beam :: Office Manager

As the Office Manager at Southeast Sports and Rehabilitation, Taylor can help answer all the insurance, billing, or scheduling questions you may have. During our office hours you can always reach her with a question or concern by phone or email. We look forward to helping you schedule a visit to our office.



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