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Fact Sheet

New to Sports Performance Training?  Here are some common answers to some Frequently Asked Questions:

Who would benefit from our Athletic Performance Programs (APPs)?

Our programs are completely individualized and designed for dedicated athletes from any sport.  We are capable of assisting athletes from amateur and recreational to professional with their sports performance goals.

What about age limits?

We restrict the age of our athletes to 8 years and up.  We modify the intensity and program duration to suit each individual person, so our programs are safe and effective whatever age you are.  In most cases, athletes are trained in small groups of 1-4 and are matched to groups that resemble their own skill level and age to ensure that they are trained appropriately.  Yes, we train a lot of adult athletes as well!

What does the program involve?

Since we train for a very wide variety of sports, we employ a very diverse regimen of training techniques.  Most athletes can expect to participate in some of the following programs:

Assessments-Every athlete undergoes a thorough athletic movement screening and athletic skill evaluation.

  • Plyometrics are exercises to make movements in all directions more explosive.  You’ll gain outstanding body control and the ability start and stop movements quickly and efficiently.
  • Strength training involves the use of specialized equipment and exercises to improve your strength and power.  Younger athletes do not use weights.  Instead, they do exercises that use their own body weight as resistance.
  • Resistance cords attach to your arms or legs to safely increase resistance while running, skating, kicking, throwing, etc. without disrupting proper form.  Resistance cords enable athletes to strengthen most sports actions at competition speeds.
  • Ground-based Training are systematically integrated exercises and situations that closely replicate competition.  This training style teaches the athlete to use their speed, quickness, and power in game-like situations.

When should I begin the APP in relation to the athletic season?

The program can be started anytime, whether you are in-season or not.  If you are in the off-season, we suggest you train as much as possible to maximize your gains.   Each level of training involves greater intensity.  Once you’ve been through one APP, we suggest you return as soon as your schedule will allow to continue making improvements.  If you must train right before the season starts, you should allow 8 weeks to complete a full program.  In-season programs are designed to minimize injury and maintain any gains from off-season training.

What’s the difference between SE Sports and other conditioning programs and camps?

The difference is simple; education.  Our two-phased approach ensures that each athlete progresses when appropriate.  We go to great lengths to show an athlete how their body responds to training and how that affects their performance.  In our clinical phase they are taught proper technique, while with the ground-based training phase we closely replicate sport-specific situations.   By showing our athletes how to train properly, we are ensuring they can apply the proper principles when training on their own.

What is the typical program cost?

There are several options for training with Southeast Sports.  We offer pricing for individuals (one-on-one training), small groups and team training.  We also have packages for multiple sessions or pay-as-you-go options.  Some training sessions are as low as $35 each.  Call us at 864-804-6395 to learn more.

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