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What to Expect at Southeast Sports & Rehabilitation

Your First Visit


We value your time spent at our office so you can get back to recreational activities you enjoy.

At Southeast Sports & Rehabilitation, we utilize state-of-the-art technology to ensure that every visit is as efficient and successful as possible.

Once you are ready to be seen, contact us by phone or request an appointment here. Your initial paperwork will be emailed to you and can be completed on your computer, smart phone or tablet! Click new patient forms to print out a paper version and fill them out in the comfort of your home before your first visit. Bring these with you on your first visit so that we may begin your file and facilitate a fast check-in for future visits.

We accept most major health insurances so please remember to have your insurance cards with you.  If you are unsure about your coverage, we can verify that for you! Not using insurance? No problem, we also offer affordable self-pay options in both offices.

Allow some extra time of your first visit. This will give us enough time to learn about you and your health concerns. We usually suggest 45 minutes. Your doctor will conduct an extensive history and examination to get a full understanding of your concerns and overall health.

It’s helpful to give us as much information about your health as possible.   Occasionally, more information is needed than we can gather in our office such as diagnostic imaging (MRI) or lab work. In which case, we will help schedule the necessary appointment to get the proper testing. After your evaluation, your doctor will formulate your personalized plan of care. This may include chiropractic adjustments, exercise in our office, nutritional counseling, therapeutic massage or any of the other services we have available.

Your First Adjustment

Our doctors are trained in many different techniques to ensure maximum comfort and results.  Unlike many “traditional” chiropractors who only treat the spine, our doctors also treat shoulders, elbows, wrists, knees and ankles.  Some techniques involve adjustments that create a “popping” sound, very similar to the sound your knuckles might make. We also offer more conservative techniques that do not cause the popping sound, utilizing hand-held instruments to deliver your adjustment. Our focus is on your comfort and results. Some patients report mild discomfort after the first adjustment. This can be alleviated by following the directions given by your doctor after your visit. If this does occur, the discomfort is usually short-lived.

Second Visit

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Avoid relapse with regular visits.

Your second visit, and future visits, will be much faster than your first. The time spent with your doctor will be used to discuss your progress, make sure that no other issues have arisen since your last visit and to ensure that you stay on track to your goals. Your care will be based upon your personalized plan, and will be adjusted based upon your progress and continuing needs. Visits may include any of the following; chiropractic adjustments, exercise, stretching, massage therapy, nutritional counseling, bracing, taping, or other relevant therapies.

Your Typical Office Visit

On your second and future visits, you will fill out very brief questionnaire to let us know how you are feeling that day. This gives our doctors some insight into the level of pain you may be in and your answers help them quickly determine the best course of treatment for that visit. When your doctor is ready to see you, one of our team members will direct you to the examination room for your appointment.

During each visit, your doctor will use the most efficient treatment possible, as discussed in your care plan . When your appointment is finished, your doctor will escort you to the front desk for check-out. We treat each patient as an individual and we value your time…we are here to listen during your appointment and strive to have your entrance and exit be as efficient as possible.

Ready to schedule your appointment? Click here to request a date and time.

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