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You Will Always be Fat, Sick and Tired....or All Three


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In America, health is a reflection of attitude. We are one of the wealthiest nations in the world with with sickest people.

We are getting fatter, sicker and unhealthier every year. The problem is that those being affected by it don’t appear to care. Or more appropriately, they don’t really want to put the hard work in to make it better. Let’s be clear here–I am NOT talking about the terminally-ill or home-bound invalids on a fixed income. Our hearts, and assistance to some extent, should go out to them. Who I am really going after here are those that are capable of some type work, that have become too fat, too sick, too whatever to climb out of the life they’ve been imprisoned in. I once had a patient stop treatment because they were feeling well enough to go back to work but would rather stay home to keep from losing their disability benefits. Makes sense right? Or does it?

Now, I can’t firmly place all of the blame on them. They’ve been hoodwinked, bamboozled. Watch enough television and you already know where I am going with this. It seems every other ad on the tube is a pharmaceutical that will cure what ails you. From heart burn to high cholesterol, there is a pill that’s got you covered. It’s a miracle! You mean all you have to do is take a pill and your (insert symptom or complaint) will just go away?! Sign me up! Most patients these days are so “educated” about what drug they need, they treat their physician like a kid taking orders at the fast food joint. “I’d like a double-bacon triple cheeseburger with the extra sauce, super fries and a diet cola. Oh, and a side of Prevacid.” Have you ever listened to the side effects? Death seems to be a common one. Wake up! I recently had a person call the office to inquire about our weight management plan. As I began to explain the benefits, she cut me off about 20 seconds in and asked “Are there any pills I can take?” “No, I’m sorry, there aren’t”. Phone clicks.

I could go on for days with this. One of my favorites: the electric abs belt that will uncover your six-pack from underneath the layers of winter fat, all while lying back comfortably on the couch. Or the product you can sprinkle over your food to keep the fat from being absorbed. Or the thermogenic pill that will melt away pounds of fat so you can fit into that bikini hanging in the closet. I suppose if you believe that these products work, you probably also believe that you can get rich by buying some guy’s book from late night television that tells you how to buy houses for no money down and make millions. ALL YOU HAVE TO DO IS BUY THE BOOK! Pardon my lack of sensitivity, but this is why we will always be fat, sick and tired.

Since I am not a financial expert per se, I will defer to the wealth management pros. However, I do happen to know a little bit about diet, exercise, sickness, pain, injury and list other excuses that keep people from living up to their full potential. News Flash: No, it’s not easy to fix. It didn’t happen overnight, so it won’t go away overnight. You can’t exercise your way out of a bad diet or “pill-pop” your way out of sickness. But, if you put on foot in front of the other and before you know it you’ve arrived. Whether it’s weight loss, pain-relief, chronic illness; it all requires persistence.

Don’t know where to start? Call me. Operators are standing by.

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